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Happy Wednesday! 

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Question of the day: What is your name and do you like it?

Love is real.

Love is real.


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I’m done.

Team Donut.

Team Donut.

hello you lovely human!! once you get this, you must publicly say five (nice) things about yourself, then pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers!! xoxo :)


- I’m very compassionate
- I like my smile
- I’m a good driver (I think!)
- I’m very organized
- I like meeting new people

Happy Easter from us to you!

We went to Wondercon today and it was awesome! We shot a video and we will put it up next week!

Today was a good Friday, indeed.

So I'm that same anon. He ended up not talking to me for 9 days straight, which sucks because we used to talk and hang out every day. He said he needed time to think things through and that he only wants to be my friend, which I am totally fine with. We had made plans to hang out today and he totally blew me off. I'm ready to give up on him.

Maybe a break from each other will be good! You two can take time to think.