Knowledge After College
hey! how are you guys? just thought i would come by and say hello(: still love you guys' youtube channel and blog. Hope you guys are doing well. Have a great day(:

Happy Saturday! Thanks for taking the time to write to us! We are doing great.

We are headed to Comic-Con next week so our next video will be about Comic-Con in San Diego. Look out for that!

Our weekend getaway! Big Bear Lake!

It’s Andrew’s birthday! He’s 24!

It’s Andrew’s birthday! He’s 24!

Happy Sunday! Andrew’s birthday is tomorrow!

Here is a new video for you!

It’s about a new web series and there is a mini “thoughts on the box” in this video too!

We like you all a lot. Our next video will most likely be about our trip to Comic-Con 2014 in sunny San Diego!

Stay tuned!

Happy 4th of July from us to you!

Happy 4th of July from us to you!

Happy Saturday y’all

Happy Saturday y’all


HELLO! We received this months Orange Glad dessert subscription box. Once again, it was filled with delicious treats! 

This months box came with 5 individually wrapped desserts!

A traditional Amsterdam Wafel! The card suggests that you eat this with your coffee. I don’t drink coffee at all but Andrew does everyday! He can’t wait to try it.

A Luscious Lemon Bar! I am allergic to citrus so Andrew will be trying this one as well. You will soon learn that between Andrew & I, we have a gazillion allergies (not only food). This has powdered sugar on it as well!

This is a Hamantashen, typically eaten during the Jewish Holiday of Purim. I will definitely be eating this very soon. It is filled with jelly! it came with 2.

This is a salted caramel cream cookie. It is infused with vanilla chips and finished with sea salt sprinkles. I love this subscription service because all of the items seem so gourmet.

Lastly, we received a buttercream summer cookie. It came a bit broken but that did not stop me from immediately opening it and trying it. I LOVE SUGAR COOKIES. This was insanely sweet and it has a thick layer of frosting. It was delicious and in the shape of a flower.

Overall, this box never seems to disappoint. It is filled with treats that I would never eat or find otherwise. I cannot wait until July’s box. Also, I loved that this box did not contain any nuts! Andrew is deathly allergic to nuts so it was awesome to see that he could consume every dessert in the box.

Order your own box today and eat sweet!

Question of the day: What is your favorite 80’s movie?

We spent the first weekend of summer camping in the mountains.


NEW VIDEO! I apologize for the delay. We both have full time jobs so after Portland, it was back to work for us!


We had such a great time in Portland. The city is beautiful and the food is delicious!

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